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"Make Baton Rouge Safe, Lean, & Clean!"

The E Eric Guirard Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that E personally founded in 2009. Out of respect for our great city, the foundation exists to “Make Baton Rouge Safe, Clean, & Lean.”  The foundation teams up with community leaders with the goal of providing assistance in areas of infrastructure that often fall by the wayside. 

The E Eric Guirard Foundation works with the East Baton Rouge city-parish government, private businesses, and other charities on public issues such as safety, crime prevention, health, litter eradication, and many more. Even before the foundation’s conception, one of E’s early community projects was forming The Clean E Team. Made up of employees, community volunteers, and, of course, E, The Clean E Team patrolled the streets of the Greater Baton Rouge area, picking up trash by hand.

After realizing they needed more hauling power, E even purchased a 12-foot box truck and hired two additional employees to help with the endeavor. Little did he know that the truck would later be a part of what is now the E Eric Guirard Foundation. It’s still used for trash pick-up, but also serves as a transportation vehicle to be loaned to other charities in need.

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